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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Or just be good and make money if that's your thing.

My take, as someone that comes from a finance hub, is that 95% of people in finance hate it and are in it just for the money. If that's you I think you'll find yourself unhappy by the time it's too late. 5% are made for it. If that's you, then I'd do it.
I mean.. that's a pretty logical assessment. You go into the money business to make money. Some people REALLY like numbers, i'm not even sure where they fit in with this.. Some people don't need deeper meaning than a bottom line. To each their own, but there exits a good amount of data on the role of money in happiness and contrary to the old adage, it can afford you some happiness/well-being, but only to the extent that it allows you to cover your basic needs and have a decent amount of financial security. After that, the increase in wealth has a negligible effect on happiness/well being. Just some food for thought.. to maybe chew on while you find yourself striving to make some sort of crazy income. You may ask yourself, why do I care? That's a good place to start.
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