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China has the largest army in the world. In fact, China will match us in military spending in the next couple of decades.

But they couldn't do that if we weren't helping to support their economy with our jobs and "most favored" access to our markets. Hell, for most Americans now, they can't buy anything that isn't Chinese. China is the pimp to our capitalist whores. Our corporatists play the short game for quick profit while China plays the long game of domination. The corporatists and capitalists rake in the yen for themselves while sending our country into deeper debt. Fortunately, when the **** hits the fan, we'll discover they've stashed the profit offshore and can make a hasty escape. We give China favored nation status and they're the biggest thieves in the world. What a ****ing joke.
MFN for China was a travesty. That's almost the sum total of my economic trade criticism for the last 5 or so administrations. Maybe even goes back to Nixon.

But eventually their controlled economy will collapse back to reality. Our job is to keep our markets as free as possible in the meantime.
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