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We just have to decide which model we want to follow and what our future as a country will look like. Do we follow the Libertarian ideological model of survival of the fittest (or best connected, in reality) and go the route of feudalism, or do we do what is best to have an equitable (and sustainable) society for our children and grandchildren understanding that, as TR pointed out, "At every stage, and under all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to equalize opportunity, destroy privilege, and give to the life and citizenship of every individual the highest possible value both to himself and to the commonwealth."
Notice he said equalize opportunity, not outcome. As a nation you have to compete with the world on some level. You can erect barriers to everyone in order to try to double down on your unwillingness to compete, but in the end, the whole nation suffers as it's left behind in it's chosen dark age while the rest of the world surges ahead.

Like I said before, you can choose to sanction those who work under fundamentally different views of humanity (China). But if we choose, as a nation, to retire from the game instead of compete with the Japans or SKoreas or Taiwans or Germanys of the world, the only ones we're hurting in the long run is ourselves.
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