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Malik Jackson

Here's an article from last July in California that gives an inkling of what is really happening:

"We don't follow them. We don't know what they're doing," said Tian Luo, an economist at the San Francisco office of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the federal agency that compiles state and national unemployment numbers. "We do know they're not looking for work."
We do know that the "discouraged" - those out of work for more than six months and who have stopped trying to find a job - accounted for an astonishing 43 percent of the nation's unemployed in May - 5.4 million people, according to government figures.
In California, those out of work for more than a year accounted for 34.7 percent of the state's unemployed in June, a total of 709,000 people.

Read more:

Don't forget. One of the jobs of government, in both parties, is to keep the lid on.
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