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Malik Jackson

Many on the Right refuse to believe that economic value systems are completely arbitrary. They think some "magic hand" is at work (which is probably why for many of them their religion is inexorably tangled up with their politics and their economics). The cost of labor is whatever employers can get away with. The price CEOs charge is whatever they can get away with from shareholders. It just depends on the system you set up, socially and economically. Does our society disapprove of blatant greed, say the way the Japanese do? No. Just the opposite. Do we respect the labor of our people? No. We consider them entirely expendable. Who are our heroes, those who do the labor or those who wear the gold that labor built?

We just have to decide which model we want to follow and what our future as a country will look like. Do we follow the Libertarian ideological model of survival of the fittest (or best connected, in reality) and go the route of feudalism, or do we do what is best to have an equitable (and sustainable) society for our children and grandchildren understanding that, as TR pointed out, "At every stage, and under all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to equalize opportunity, destroy privilege, and give to the life and citizenship of every individual the highest possible value both to himself and to the commonwealth."

There is a reason why the biggest wars tend to bring about more equitable societies, as we saw in the U.S. in WWII. It's because everybody is under threat, even the capitalist, even the worker, and we come together. The workers need to put on helmets, grab their arms, and defend the land and the industry of the people. The capitalist must turn his industry to supplying the needs of war. Greed and war profiteering are vilified because they violate the necessary societal demands of war time sacrifice. They become taboo. It took more than thirty years and the advent of Reaganism for the Right to dismantle the equitability that came with that war. Somehow the Right ignores the obvious benefits that progressive system brought to our country. But instead of reality, they prefer ideology and when you peer through the eyeglass of ideology, you don't need facts.

I guess once you have (basically) mercenary forces fighting your wars, you don't have to sacrifice. We are in perpetual war and yet, if you are not personally involved, it means nothing to you. Sure, you gather around and listlessly wave the flag out of guilt, but the all for one, one for all thing can't survive in the outrageously inequitable system we have. In fact, the whole all for one, one for all thing becomes food for comedy, or irony. Hell, it doesn't even matter if the wars are just or unjust, right or wrong. It's like when the Russian soldiers returned from the front after WWI and saw that the party of the royals had never stopped. The immense suffering they went through had never penetrated the upper classes. So now the orgy of greed at the top need not suffer a hiatus due to societal pressures, but can go right on, war or peace. Hey, we celebrate their greed along with them, though the overwhelming majority of us can only stand in the snow and look through the windows at their party. Our leaders encourage us to do our part. "Go shopping," they say. War and greed can now walk hand in hand. Globalism is abundance. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Everything that happens is progress.
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