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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
If you were Dumervil, you'd be a member of the team, and you'd have the feeling that everyone in that locker room has right now: we can win it all.

This is a business, sure - but there isn't a guy in that locker room who doesn't want to go out of this game without a ring. Not a single one. Dumervil will get his payday on the open market soon enough. If I were him, I'd do exactly what they're indicating: restructure the deal, make it work for both parties, and play like hell the next couple years and try to win a ring and cash in.
It doesn't work that way anymore. I don't believe most players are in it for championships any longer or management. It's all about profits, which is why the owner absolutely love Goodell.

I hope they work it out and he stays, but I don't really see what doom gains by taking a pay cut, unless the restructure maintains his money over the next couple of years and even then, that's not gaining that's just treading water. The reality is he could stand firm and if they deal or cut him, sign another big contract with another team, which would seem the way to go. Everyone on that locker room would understand that because 9 out of 10 of them would do the same thing if in the same position. The time line to play pro ball is so short, you'd be stupid to take your own leverage away when you have it. He doesn't owe the Broncos anything and the team has zero leverage over him.

It's way too big a risk to just put off another big deal until a season or two down the road. Any kind of injury is just around the corner, and he'll be on the wrong side of 30.

All this talk about Doom not being worth what he is being paid is also, while true, complete rubbish. Players are retroactively paid all the time. It's how it works. Just look at Flacco for the latest example. There is absolutely zero obligation on his end to help out the team financially. Especially when it's not in his best interest.

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