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He probably could get a 4 year contract for $35 million with a $12 million signing bonus.
Dumervil can get much more than this as a free agent. He'd be the top 3-4 OLB available and one of the top DEs. He has as many career sacks as Mario Williams. I'd compare Dumervil's value to Tamba Hali and Hali signed a five-year, $57.5 million contract with $35 million guaranteed ($12.25 million salary in 2013). Anthony Spencer with the tag: $10.627 million salary. People think Cliff Avril will make a lot of money and Dumervil would be right there with Avril. A 3-4 team would have Dumervil as a high priority. There is a conflict in Denver because of the 4-3 defense where Von Miller has become the main piece. It's risky to ask a healthy, 29-year old Pro Bowler/All-Pro to take a pay cut. Dumervil knows he can compete for a Super Bowl in Denver, but he also knows he can join another contender and get paid.
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