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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
If I was Doom, I'd tell Elway to shove it and let me go to FA. He'll get another big contract with a signing bonus. Some 3-4 team will pay him big bucks.

If you were Dumervil, you'd be a member of the team, and you'd have the feeling that everyone in that locker room has right now: we can win it all.

This is a business, sure - but there isn't a guy in that locker room who doesn't want to go out of this game without a ring. Not a single one. Dumervil will get his payday on the open market soon enough. If I were him, I'd do exactly what they're indicating: restructure the deal, make it work for both parties, and play like hell the next couple years and try to win a ring and cash in.
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