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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
True, but all they need is an RB like Lacy to make it back to the SB. They already have Jermichael Finley at TE.
The Denver Broncos needed TD to get to the SB. At this point, in the pre-draft time period, TD wasn't even on the radar. No one was talking about him in the terms of Lacy is this year. I put no credibility to the evaluation that Lacy is the difference maker for any team. How many top drafted backs have elevated their team to the SB. Not many overall.

Now give me the OL from 97/98 and I will take a number of names at RB to the SB. In no way does this diminish the special back TD was. It isn't about being drafted high in the draft. It isn't about being the quickest or the biggest. TD wasn't either. Give me a guy with heart, vision and the ability to break tackles. Call him TD, Emmitt or Walter.

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