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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
There are plenty of players the team could look at to help out the squad. I figure we will have some decent room to play with. Them wanting Dumervil to ease things up signals to me there are players in FA they would like to have. They might not be big named guys, but they are players who are better than what we had last year at spots:

Terrance Knighton, DT -- JDR selection, obvious fit for the defense. Legit starter. Young.

Michael Bennett -- Not as good of a pass rusher as Dumervil, but a better defender against the run. Would make sense going forward if Dumervil somehow (unlikely) is released/traded.

William Moore or Dashon Goldson -- Would be pricey, but we need longevity in the secondary. They provide this.

Alan Branch -- Did nothing to start his career, but NT for Seahawks the past two. Could help DT rotation.

Dannell Ellerbe -- Cut Mays, cut DJ -- get him?

Derek Cox, Daryl smith -- JDR connection.

Maybe Jackson or Bradshaw at RB.

we could afford one or two of these guys lol
i agree that we can afford those guys, but the quote was that they wanted to free money up for free agency. Elway is on record as wanting to build through the draft and has passed on top tier free agents in the past outside of Manning.
everyone else has been reclamation projects, aging vets who have a bit left in the tank or lower tier low risk signings.
now maybe the philosophy has changed because Manning has only so many years left and it's a championship or bust mantra now.

so my thought was that there is likely one key guy they see that they want to chase and think it might take up some cap room and want to have additional flexibility if they can land him.

i assume it's Steven Jackson since it would provide Manning with a dynamic RB he hasn't had since James in Indy.
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