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I am pretty meh on Jackson, I don't think he will be an upgrade over Mcgahee as a runner, although he is a definite upgrade as a receiver. It has been 6 full seasons since he had double digit TDs in a season, which is a long time for a guy who has about 300 touches per year. His per carry average is not great and it doesn't look like it will improve.

For any team who goes and gets Jackson, I think there has to be an understanding that he is pretty close to his "best before" day, so giving him a big contract with a lot of guaranteed money is a big risk to take.

I think there are better places to spend money in free agency for both short and long term gains. If we really need a RB, I think the 2nd round of the draft is going to give us some really solid options for guys to complement Ronnie Hillman.
agreed. I'd rather get bradshaw.
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