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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
QBR just had a player who improved in almost every statistical category listed as "regressing." The same player who so regressed he plays a literally flawless postseason, winning the Superbowl. If QBR isn't stupid, then it is at the very least ****ing horrible at what it supposedly does. But wait, it gets way worse than that...

There is no formula out for QBR.

It is beyond stupid. It is worthless. A fantasy stat that means absolutely nothing.

As for the playoff record. Bro. The Colts had some seriously powerful, SB-contender teams for much of Manning's play there. You know you've got a bad argument if you nitpick the ebb and flow of every single game as if the world is out to get Manning. Yeah, Peyton Manning is the only QB in history to have NFL games swing back and forth on!

Fact: Manning has a 32:21 TD:INT ratio in the postseason. More than 25% of those TDs came courtesy of blowing Denver the hell out. The postseason he won the Superbowl, he threw 3TDs and 7INTs, eventually beating out Sexy Rexy Grossman in the big game. When he played in his second Superbowl, he nuked an evenly matched game by throwing a pick to Tracy Porter. What a boss.

Outside of picking apart crap defenses like Denver's and Kansas City, Peyton Manning looks like a totally different QB in the postseason. How could one argue differently? If he hits a tough defense he has a tendency to choke. If he plays in the cold he chokes. He is a sharp QB, but the dude has some very costly turnovers at the worst of times. (Spotting Baltimore 17-points, if I remember right, being the most recent of flubs, including the game-losing OT interception.)

By comparison, Tom Brady's TD-INT ratio is 42-22 in the postseason. Flacco 19-8. Aaron Rodgers 18-5. Eli Manning 17-8. Mark Sanchez 9-3 (lol).

When you think about the kind of super-high powered offenses Manning had for most of his career, his numbers look even uglier. Of course the worst is just the simple fact he has lost consistently and thoroughly, a sort of repetition of losing which cannot be ignored by playing patty-cake with the NFL gods or making up excuses as to why Vanderjagt missed a field goal (after Jerome Bettis miraculously fumbled it in the first place...). He doesn't even pass the eye test. I've watched the majority of Manning's playoff games and he never plays with the sort of intricate, killer-style he carries in the regular season. This is especially true if he's outside in the weather. A few games of screwing up is a fluke, an entire career of it is a pattern.

It's so damn obvious but the stat boys don't seem to get it.

BTW the Pittsburgh game might have been the most embarrassing game he played in the post season not counting the Jets debacle. Pitt was another team he took it to that year in the regular season that was just mentally tougher when the postseason rolled around.
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