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Originally Posted by Ray Finkle View Post
not bad at all...Im in Alexandria and there is snow on the ground but none on the streets.

of course if you're about 30 miles west, you have 6-8 easy.
Yeah not bad at all; typical overreaction lol

Sorry, I missed the post beantown.

Anyways back to the hockey; tonight is huge in the league. Some teams need huge wins to stay in the races. Some could be starting to think sell off mode by this weekend.

Varly was tremendous last night. What is concerning for the Avs was that they played a solid game and Chicago was playing a below average game for them and they still managed to win. Talent discrepancy right now is just too great between the 2 teams. It's the kind of loss that can spiral into a losing streak for the Avs. They have been treading .500 but that loss could lead to more losing.
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