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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Neither of us is playing fast and loose. It's the nature of the conflict. There's a danger in the purity of either approach. Jefferson saw both sides. There's nothing wrong with progressive taxation, only when it becomes confiscatory (a principle which I believe to be in play any time more than a half share goes to the government)

And I wouldn't say TJ is my guy so much as I like to use him because he's the only FF I'm aware of whose mere utterances have been given full Constitutional weight by certain people.

Jefferson was right about some things. As was Hamilton or Madison. But they didn't always agree with each other, except in very basic principles.

Funny how I recall your argument then was "there is no way a person back then would even have considered atheism and keeping god out of politics" or some such...interesting how the "pay attention to the times they lived in" had to work for religion and politics, but absolutely can't for gun control. Double standard much?
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