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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Avs always find ways to **** up! I have no confidence what so ever when they have a 1 goal lead that they'll pull it out. It's been an on going thing for the past 3 years. It's literally the same **** night in and night out. Yet Sacco is still the coach..I don't get it.
We went to the Ducks game when they played the Avs. Even with a two goal lead, I told my son," Don't worry. Ducks will still win this one." Sure enough, Avs fall apart. That team needs a stopper among other things. When the going gets tough, they fold like a 2-7 poker hand.

I cannot wait until March 20th. I have no clue if Blackhawks will still have their ungodly streak coming into this game vs the Ducks but big time matchup from top 2 teams in the West.
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