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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
NFL Ticket is something that will be around forever. The question is whether it will be exclusive to one vendor, available through multiple providers, or delivered direct through

Speaking only for myself, I would personally prefer to get it through I cancelled Directv, and despite the complaints of my family, I don't really want it back. My kids spend more time watching Netflix than anything on Directv, plus we have a media manager that they watch for all the stuff we have on hard drive. (I spent a couple months ripping every DVD in our house and organizing it on a 2TB drive).

In any case, I could do without it being on Directv. But, I will admit that wherever it goes, I will go. God doesn't roll dice with the universe, and I don't roll dice on whether I get to watch the Broncos on any given week.

It'll be around, after a very expensive bidding war, of course.

And I too couldn't go w/out watching the Broncos (from PA). I can't go back to waiting for the "10 minute Ticker" to go across the bottom of the screen of a Jets/Browns game to know what the Broncos' score is.....

Ah yes, not-so-good times.......
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