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Bruton definitely has to be re-signed. I agree with keeping Vickerson.

Per the article: Colquitt (P) Clark (OL) and Ball (RB) will be tendered. That means they are on the squad going forward through camp. Clark and Ball are getting right-of-first-refusal tenders, which means their contracts are not guaranteed and would have to make the roster to get the amount of 1.33 million.

Really don't get why we are keeping Ball unless Moreno or McGahee is getting the axe. That dude is not impressive and really a waste of a roster space.

Everyone but Tracy Porter is expected to get some interest from us, but will test the market. Don't see the need for it. Those six guys could cost us decent contracts that could hamper us from getting a legit free agent or two. I'd rather get two solid players than a few rotational guys. We should be able to get a couple of FA and use upgrades through our early picks in the draft to solidify this roster.
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