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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
To be honest, I'm not impressed with TJ Barnes at all. He plays way to high, has horrible hand technique, and is lazy.
Two of those things can be corrected. The lazy thing is what scares me. I think him being out of gas and not in shape is what caused him to not continually stay low at GT. I'm disappointed that he weight in as high as he did at the combine. Almost 370 pounds. When he got switched to NG in a 3-4 when Groh came there he wanted him to be at 335 when he was already 350's pre-camp. I'm not sure what his playing weight was the season, but obviously he was pounding down hamburgers instead of prepping for the combine.

He had a much better year this year than he did in 2011. There are some places who think that he could go as high as the third round. At the end of the day, I think he will go in the fourth at best. I would much rather have Geathers because he is more athletic, showed dedication and dropped ~ 10 pounds or so before the combine and is a better overall player. I just think these are the realistic mid-to-late round possibilities for a rotational defensive tackle.

Brandon Williams is the guy who could really make a difference for us, but I'm sure he is in the solid 2(B) to 3(A) mix on most boards.

We will see. This draft has more 4-3 UT's than they do NT/NG at the next level. I think we will be looking for beef which is why I mention those guys in addition to having two-gap responsibilities and experience.
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