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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
I think they should have Team Specific Sunday ticket. For $99 you can get every out of market game for the team of your choice.
I would love that!. But the NFL would probably make it higher than $99, as they will probably set the price at half the regular price. As far as per game they will have a harder time setting that up logistically, and they are greedy bastages and don't want to limit it to one team fans. They probably realise that most people never watch more than one game anyway ( their own) and will want ALL the revenue they can get. And when a team goes on a streak and ends up getting a lot of national coverage ( read regular national broadcasts) they will lose revenue. So a single team package will probably be available for about $200 , but only until the 3rd or 4th week , then it will go to about $25-30 a single game.

Frankly, as long as they don't make it exclusive to Direct, but instead sell it through all providers I will be happy, but not if they raise the price. I have comcast right now and with the Red zone I at least get updates, and can try a web feed or listen to KOA ( which strangely is about 5 seconds AHEAD of any TV feed .)

Direct would sell it to a lot more people if they didn't try to screw the customers by raising the price so much after the promotional 1st year prices. If they would just say X is the price and keep it there they would probably not lose so many. But once that promo price expires they try to stick it to people, and so they cancel or switch providers..
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