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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I know there are filters but I just don't get the straight up lie part of it. If they sent a notification that said, hey visit facebook and see what all your friends are up to. I would just delete the email and be cool. But when they say you have notifications and you go there and there are none, that's just F'd up.
I think alot of that type of crap happened before they went public. 3 separate occasions I have had mysterious friends appear in my friends list, and when I click the link to their page, it says the account was deactivated. They were names I knew were not people I know. I think FB did that crap to bump up the total number of users and say, hey, look we have 90 billion users! 135 of those "extra" accounts once. I don't use FB for games, but I do follow a workout group on it.

I do have a ****-ton of friends on their, most are from my high school class since it's our 30 year reunion this year and they are doing it all on FB for the first time. Was cool to see a bunch of them tho last year when I went to Colorado and saw they were meeting up at a little bar.
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