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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
So what do you guys think have the massive DTs Hankins from OSU and Jenkins from Georgia? Neither is going to rack up sexy numbers, but they honestly seem to better fit the profile of the type of DT Del Rio and Fox will be looking for to occupy blockers and open things up for the linebackers and outside rushers. There's also a good chance at least one, if not both, will be available at 28.
I like both of those guys, but it seems like the Broncos are looking at Geathers (Jenkins teammate) and Barnes (GT) as mid-round options. Of course, those were just combine interviews, but I wouldn't doubt that they are both brought in for private workouts as we get closer to the draft.

What is the value of Denver selecting a two-gap DT whose primary job is to clog up lanes at #28? IMO, not very good. I think Geathers and Barnes are much better value picks in the fourth round for what Del Rio wants to do with this defense and although "lesser" of prospects, with some good coaching and refining of technique, can be valuable players in our defense. They are also massive (6'5 -- 345). I just don't see the value of Jenkins or Hankins (who is quite disruptive for his size) for us in the 1st round.

Would much rather get a guy who is going to be a TRUE difference maker on offense or defense with that selection. Hypothetically, lets say a linebacker. Someone whose production has a definitive value rather than relative. Just my thoughts. I feel that both of those guys will be there in the fourth round. Perhaps even later, depending on how long it takes for the top defensive tackles to get off the board. What say you Mr. Clemson?
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