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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
Oh and "in your face" to everyone who called me stupid for bringing up this topic a few weeks ago.
I said near the end of the regular season he was having a good year but not a great year and just about everybody here tore me a new one. I still like his game, but he's a sack specialist. He's not an all around dominant DE but he's paid like one, well this coming year anyhow. I agree with Broncos, he's playing well but not worth 12 million. Get that number in single digits or trade him if you can. I think Ayers (who's coming into his 5th year) really showed some improvement last year and I think he could be ready. Hunter also looked really solid last year before injury.

And since we're on the DL subject, who here likes Malik Jackson? He's listed as DL and I think I've seen him in preseason line up as both DT and DE. Honestly, he's got the prototype DE body at 6'5 275. Got long arms. I like what he showed in preseason. Obviously needs to groom his rushing but I thought he played the run well and showed some ability. I just don't see us trying to turn him into a DT. To me he is more of a DE. Look forward to him having a much bigger impact this year for us now going into this 2nd year.
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