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Eric Decker

Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
It was one heck of an individual effort. First he robbed Eric Staal of the puck, then he juked a very positionally sound Justin Faulk, and finished with some nice stick work in front is a hot goaltender.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of energy from the Canes in the third. After dominating the first, and taking advantage of Buffalo's desperation in the second, it seemed like they lost the killer instinct in the third. Too many guys not hustling, and a complete disappearance of the forecheck.

It's always nice to sweep Buffalo.
Right after he scored he looked at the scoreboard to see how much time was left. He was determined to tie it. I'm a big fan of Faulk but he didn't look too good there (not like anyone would). I luckily took Hodgson in the last round of my fantasy hockey draft. I have no idea what Vancouver was thinking when they traded him.
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