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Funny watching Oliver Stone, Micheal Moore, Danny Glover, and Sean Pean fawn over him like we lost some hero of the people. Micheal Moore pointed out Hugo didn't let CIA torture people in South America. Umm don't they know one of the most notorious prisons in the world is located in Venezuela. Inmates have gun and knives and killings happen daily?

Venezuela – Venezuela is known for its brutal prisons, where violence is a daily occurrence, and inmates are at the mercy of disease outbreaks, underpaid staff, little medical services, and insufficient food and care. La Sabaneta is the worst of the worst, a place where cholera outbreaks have wiped out 700 inmates, amidst “appalling violence” and riots that triggered a horrific massacre of 100 inmates back in 1994. Death is rampant at La Sabaneta, and the hair-trigger tempers of inmates and staff are thought to be linked to idleness and boredom, as no activities are permitted to release tension: left to their own devices, prisoners fight amongst themselves, fashion shivs and other deadly weapons, and kill one another in this truly archaic penal facility.

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Oh yeah he is a real humanitarian.
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