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with the 68th pick theCleveland Brownsselect EJ MANUEL

height 6'5'' 237 lbs 4.65 40 dash 2nd longest broad jump 4th fastest cone drill 2nd fastest 20 yard shuffle among QBs.

its no secret the browns are a mess at QB. Questions remain if old man Weeden can get it done and with a sub par QB market this year EJ is a diamond in the rough. His stock has been rising since the college season and will continue to rise. you can even find a mock or two of him going in the 1st round, but is projected in the 2nd. Manuel has improved his footwork since the college season and displayed excellent accuracy on deep and short range passes. as a starter he went 26-5 with a 68% completion percentage. Winning all 4 bowl appearances. Manuel is a superb athlete but also a pocket passer by nature. he could be anything from a read option type QB to one who remains in the hashes. the guy has alot of upside in my opinion way more than weeden. wouldnt be surprised if he did go to the browns and takes over the starting job from weeden..

strengths : dual threat QB..powerful arm...excellent mobility...size and strength...escapability...experienced...quick release..

weakness : not a natural passer...decision making...runs too quickly... can panic at times...

pick was made at 9:05 pm PST time
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