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CJ Anderson

So far kFc has decided to keep the guys that won them all of 2 games last year.

Bowe signing did not make them better, just treading water. I think Smith will up his stats, he will still drop more balls than he should but getting the ball closer to the LOS should allow him to get more YAC. I don't think he will ever touch his career year TD total of 15 set in 2010 when Cassel was throwing him the ball but we will see.

They still need to find 2 more WR's to take the double coverage off him.

As it is now they have Bowe, Baldwin who has been a bust and showed nothing yet, Moiekie(sp?) and the small fast guy who is too small to play every down.

With guys like Welker and Wallace on the market they threw a **** load of money at Bowe. I guess they thought that Smith couldn't get the ball down field to Wallace to make him worth paying and with the small dude playing in the slot on passing downs they don't need Welker, though he would be a great add. They need a possession guy who can be counted on to make some catches (unlike Bowe) and take some of the double teams off Bowe.
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