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Originally Posted by Abqbronco View Post
Sure you did, but that's ok.

I do know how football works. Fact is that Doom had a really good season. It wasn't great though and he has a similar skill set to Von, who is much better and younger. I hope the Broncos and Doom work it out but it doesn't look good.

Another fact about football (and other pro sports): It doesn't matter how much many of these guys make, they typically don't set up anything for the rest of their lives. They frequently end up in debt and owing a bunch of money to the IRS. So to use your analogy of comparing it to real life-you can't. It simply isn't the same thing which goes back to your original point of an employer asking the employees to take a 10% pay cut and how we would all feel about it. It isn't the same thing and doesn't have any merit when discussing a DE approaching 30 years old and their club suggesting he take a pay cut.
Uh, I didn't, but that's OK. And regardless of what other players in his profession do, you don't know how he lives his life. The Broncos signed him to a contract, and if they don't want to honor that contract and he thinks he can get something similar on the open market, then he's not a dick for telling them to get ****ed.

At the end of the day, a contract is a contract. If he's expecting that income and suddenly is asked to give some of it up, it doesn't mean he's not a "team player" for agreeing. It might be more commonplace in the NFL for this sort of thing to happen, but he doesnt have to agree if he feels he can get his money elsewhere (whether its true or not)
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