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Originally Posted by Abqbronco View Post
Ah... The rules of the game have changed.

If I "knew full well", then probably not.

If I "knew full well I MIGHT", then I would have to consider it. Being on a 13-3 team, with a solid team, etc. Might sway me.

"if I knew full well i might be able to get a better deal", I would just be confused and unable to make up my mind.
Im not changing the rules, you know how football works. If you want to compare it to real life, and your boss asked you to take a paycut and you had opportunities elsewhere, you may well tell him to get ****ed.

I dont know how much they'd ask him for, but if youre trying to set up the rest of your life, your kids lives, and so forth, you might want to make as much as possible in your brief career.
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