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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by misturanderson View Post
Yes they are, the thing you wrote immediately after that is the definition of a pay cut.

They are asking him to get paid less for the next 3 years then get the rest of his money over 2 additional years instead of making that money over 3 years and then getting paid additional money for the following years, even if it's for league minimum. That doesn't even get into losses associated with not having that money invested for the extra 2-3 years or the fact that the last 2 years won't be guaranteed.
I'm not going to check that out (the last sentence) because frankly I'm lazy right now and don't care. I can say I won't cry for him if it happens. I guess it's a matter of what you want more. And if he doesn't I have faith that the Broncos want that Lombardi enough to fill that position with something good. Hell the only player I wouldn't feel this way about is Von. Anybody else, take one for the team. I think Freeney is an assumption by the media.
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