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Real talk? If Manning's arm is fine -- because it looked a little deflated heading into the last few games -- then Denver will be fine. Here's the basic lowdown of the AFC West competition:

Raiders. Suck, as always, with a particular brand of incompetence spearheaded by the upper levels of management.

Chiefs. Talented, but Andy Reid is not a good fit for that squad at all. If they can play well, they will be Denver's only real threat. Alex Smith playing even B+ football can make them competitive. The problem is Reid. Jamaal Charles was a one-man offense last year, but Reid is just the sort of playcalling "genius" to let an ultra-talented runningback go to waste.

Chargers. This is the year they crumble, and there is a lot of writing on the wall for that. Outside of all the coaching changes and what not, there has been a long, ongoing flight of talent from San Diego's roster. But that isn't the worst part. Philip Rivers is not feeling well. You can just tell; there is something up with his hip or torso, I'm not sure, but he is a deflated, wounded passer, and it shows big time. I think it will only get worse this season. Chargers could potentially take the 4th spot this year.

As for the playoffs, I expect the usual cast of competition. The thing is, Denver's talent level is above the lot of them if it maintains course right now. If we don't get defensive, historical brain farts, and if Manning doesn't flub it, then there is seriously on reason Denver should not, at the very least, be knocking on the door of the Superbowl.

Edit: Also, Elway was not a scrambler. He was as pocket passer with legs. He didn't even run while at Stanford. The fact he was able to mold himself into a mobile QB while behind Denver's shoddy blocking is a testament to his natural athleticism.

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