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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Maybe understand the overall point being make, and read the whole article instead of taking a "cursory glance", before calling people "dumbass". The "regressing" comment was made based on QBR which you will see dropped in 2012 vs. 2011 in the link below.

But the overall point is that Flacco has been pretty much a league average QB in the regular season over his career. And these numbers show this.

I'm not a Flacco hater by any stretch. We both have the same alma mater for crying out loud, if anything I'm biased in his favor. I'm just pointing out reality. The guy hasn't been a special QB in the regular season throughout his career by any stretch. He had a great postseason this year and has been a pretty good postseason QB throughout his career. But the legend of Joe Flacco that some of you are creating because the Ravens won the Super Bowl and he got this huge contract is a bit much. Like I keep saying, let's see what he does this upcoming season. I'm betting he's more Eli Manning than Aaron Rodgers. Not that that's a bad thing.
You're a dumbass if you think QBR means anything because it clearly does not. ESPN's totally made up, no-formula rating system is completely off the mark? Who could have guessed. And nobody should ever hang a debate on a rating system, QBR or passer, anyway. John Elway looks like crap if you do that, but anyone who watches this game knows there are things a little more important than a pretty stat line.

And yes, I'd take Flacco over Manning right now. He doesn't have one foot already out the door and he doesn't blow it in the playoffs. Eight one and dones? Five of those at home? Are you kidding? I like Manning and consider him arguably the finest pure passer ever, but he is a dud in the playoffs. Very easy choice, given the circumstances. (Not that QB is even the most important player on the team right now, that clearly goes to Miller at this point.)

Also, the people who voted Tebow, what's wrong with them? Last I checked Tebow totaled almost 400 yards of offense, three TDs and no turnovers to win a playoff game. Manning tore it the hell up in regular season, as he usually does, and then choked hard and threw a game-ending INT to kill the playoff run of a very, very strong Denver team. Manning is the superior quarterback, obviously no question. But what does Manning, who chokes in the playoffs and plays poorly in bad weather, have to bring to Denver, Colorado...?

You have no idea how badly I'm hoping Osweiler's upside comes to fruition...
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