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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Dude you are comparing Revis in his prime and Champ past it. Champ in his prime beard slaps Revis. Go look up Champs 05 and 06 seasons. In 05 he was runner up to defensive player of the year (which he was robbed from by Jason Taylor).

Sorry, again Revis is great. But he is no Champ in his prime.
Um, i watched Chad Ochocinco smoke Champ Bailey in 05 bro. I think the game was a SUN or Mon night game.
I also watched a Mon night game in DEN against OAK 05-06? where Champ was abused. In the snow. Cant remember the name of that OAK WR's name. Went to JAX i think, and fell off the planet. Kerry Collins brought them back. Just before half time Plummer hit Rod Smith for a TD on a play action boot leg.
Notice how i can remember these moments from games and these plays but i dont really care so much becuase i still think Champ is great, and like all CB's they have bad plays and bad games??
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