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It's hard enough for running backs to do what Peterson did in returning from an ACL injury, simply because they take shots every time they touch a football. Cornerback is easily a tougher position for recovering from a blown-out knee. At the very least, Peterson knows where he's going and how to protect himself with the ball in his hands. Revis is at the mercy of receivers who will be looking to test him week in and week out. His confidence and effectiveness aren't going to be nearly as high as we're used to seeing.
That's one reason all this talk about where he'll end up sounds so premature. No team in its right mind would be willing to gamble on a player at that position -- particularly one who reportedly is looking for a long-term deal worth $16 million annually -- without feeling extremely certain that it was mitigating the risk. The 49ers might have a serious need to improve their cornerback situation, but that doesn't mean they have to surrender significant draft picks just because Revis is a big name. The uncertainty of his comeback already has to be the major barrier to any kind of deal getting done this offseason.
Our front office must be crazy if we do ship out Doom and the reported 1st. Of course In-Bob is already saying we offered this years 1st and 3rd. No way. A 2nd this year and a conditional high pick next year. The Jets aren't in a situation to be asking for the moon when:

1st) He is basically a 1 year lease on a team going nowhere this season.
2nd) There is no way Revis goes back and signs a long term contract after trade discussion this off season. That bridge has been burned.
3rd) The dude is injured. We have to see how that knee reacts to the back pedaling and abrupt change of direction. (Remember he got injured planting his feet without getting touched).

No way in hell we give them a 1st and Doom. Just no way. Now, if it's straight up for that 2nd and a conditional pick next year, do it!

But I must say I love this last part. Yo Revis... Karma is a b****. No matter how great you are.

Revis also isn't helping matters by continually talking as if he had some control over this process. He has griped about the Jets' not being more forthcoming about their plans for him, and he recently endorsed the notion of playing for the 49ers while doing an online interview with Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson. The more Revis has talked, the more he sounds like a man who believes he can find a nice landing place if he makes enough noise. But it doesn't work that way in the NFL. Teams in the position the Jets now hold are going to do exactly what they want, regardless of how it makes a four-time Pro Bowler feel.

Revis would be better suited if he kept quiet and focused on his rehabilitation. This is going to play out in the best fashion for the Jets, mainly because they hold all the cards. You can bet team owner Woody Johnson remembers how Revis held out to gain a four-year, $32 million contract prior to the 2010 season -- with three years remaining on his deal at the time -- then threatened to do it again last offseason. This is how leverage works. It sucks when you're on the wrong end of it.

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