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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
1st. Darrel Green and Sanders are the best ever.
And Sanders couldnt tackle to save his life.
2nd. If your opinion is that Champ was better in his prime, good for you. I diagree. Thats all.
But man, there are some posters stuck waaaaay up Champs rear end here.
The Champ is Jordan thing just is priceless. Seriously dude. Wow. Just wow.
Revis may be the best CB in the league right now, but he isn't better than what champ was in his prime. I having lived in the DC area for years including when champ played there have seen enough to know revis isn't quite there yet.
I am a fan of Darrel green,it fustrates me that he rarely gets brought up when talking about great CBs. A class act.
I think revis by the end of his career could end up one of,if not maybe the best of all time,but he's no where near that. I think people are buying into the hype of revis.
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