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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
1st. Darrel Green and Sanders are the best ever.
And Sanders couldnt tackle to save his life.
2nd. If your opinion is that Champ was better in his prime, good for you. I diagree. Thats all.
But man, there are some posters stuck waaaaay up Champs rear end here.
The Champ is Jordan thing just is priceless. Seriously dude. Wow. Just wow.
Your not alone. Revis is at least as good if not better in my opinion than Champ in his prime. And I think very highly of Champ and he is/was a great corner. But if you take the Orange and Blue glasses off, you will know Revis if he can stay healthy and continue at his rate, has potential to be the greatest ever! Especially with all the incredible athletes in today's game, that says alot!
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