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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Do you want me to post Diva whifs of Champ?
I wont, but theres plenty out there. Mistakes are made by every great player.
Seriously sit the next couple inning out and maybe stop posting so much.
Be my guest. While you're digging:

This is probably the most impressive season I've ever seen by a football player."
John Lynch on Champ's 2006 season.

Rod Smith (the guy who cut his teeth with Elway) said Champ was the greatest football player he'd ever played with.

Soco: "Champ's aaaight, but he's no Derrelle 'The Holdout' Revis"

Champ had 18 picks in two seasons. In the holdout's best two seasons, he managed 11. He has 19 career.

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