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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Revis is good, but he's not on Champ's level in his prime.
Revis is definitely the best CB in the NFL but no CB was as good as Champ in his prime during the most recent era of the game.
Champ is Jordan, Revis is Kobe. both are good, one is better and it's the former not the latter.
1st. Darrel Green and Sanders are the best ever.
And Sanders couldnt tackle to save his life.
2nd. If your opinion is that Champ was better in his prime, good for you. I diagree. Thats all.
But man, there are some posters stuck waaaaay up Champs rear end here.
The Champ is Jordan thing just is priceless. Seriously dude. Wow. Just wow.
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