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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
We both agree Revis would improve the defense.

We just disagree about how Doom can be replaced.

I think you can replace that production, you don't. I think you can draft someone to be the next Doom easier than you can draft and find the next Revis.
Agreed. No FA CB is even in the same building as a healthy Revis.
And yes, a healthy Revis is every bit as good as Champ ever was
in his prime. Dude is a pure monster in any defense in any down
and consistently shuts down monster WR's. But he also is excellent
in the run game and an awesome tackler. Well worth every penny.
For me, its all about the health. And if fully healthy, not giving up
anything more than 2 2nds without Doom, and no more than a
3rd with Doom.
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