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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Not every team runs on first and second down.. Ayers will kick inside on passing downs along with Wolfe.. So I'm not sure why 7 sacks for Ayers who will be on the field for an additional 400 snaps can't get 7 sacks and a rookie 5-6...
I see where the confusion is. You thought that I was saying 7 sacks is more than Ayers has had any one season. While that is true, what I meant is that 7 sacks is more than Ayers has accumulated over the course of his four year career. He's played in 57 games, started 24, and has been on the field for 2,193 snaps, accumulating 6.5 sacks. So no, I do not think he can get 7 sacks in a season because he kicks inside on passing downs.

Also, in our defense, I don't think 2 guys who combine for 12 sacks are as good as one guy who gets 12 by himself. Mainly because of the respect a passrusher like Doom gets, the way that affects the offense's blocking schemes, and what that means for Von.
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