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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I don't know. Mayock was on last night saying that Amerson got burned for more TDs last season than any player he's ever evaluated (he didn't give any specific numbers, so that may have been hyperbole). He said he was too eager to go for picks and bit frequently on play-action. Good measurables and ball skills, but it sounds like the high numbers of picks may be the result of wreckless gambling.
Well, you should know that he isn't using hyperbole Inferno -- you're a Clemson fan. You don't remember Boyd going off for 5 touchdowns in the air and three on the ground against the Wolfpack? Watkins, Ford and Hopkins (who burned him for 62 yards) all went retarded on the field. Amerson was beat like a drum in that game, and more importantly against Tennessee and Miami this year to start the year when everyone wa saying how great he was. He never recovered -- those games got to him and it showed the whole season.

He was ABSOLUTELY abused in all three of those games. He came into the season as a likely first round selection. His stock dropped considerably and probably went down as low as the third round. That is just this year alone. The same thing happened against Clemson and Louisville in 2011, though he did have two picks (and a return TD) against Louisville, he also gave that up in touchdowns. These are games I watched in full and have marked down has terrible performances by him. That is five games out of 25 in his last two seasons -- and I can't help but assume that there were other bad ones out there, especially with Mayock evaluating every aspect of his game.

He went up against several receivers in this years draft (good ones too) and completely **** the bed. Hopkins, Patterson, Hunter etc. -- he even struggle against some FSU receivers who probably aren't going to amount to anything in the NFL. Some people think I'm making this **** up, but I watch ACC ball and I know how badly he played through the whole year. This isn't 2011 where he played lights out and had thirteen interceptions. He should have went back to school. He NEEDED to go back to school. People will look at his 5 picks this year and assume he had a good year, he didn't.

His own coach (O'Brein) called him out for lack of discipline, being wreckless and not sticking to his assignments because of his off the field issues and even questioned his mental strength of the game. There are few players I got to see as much this year as Amerson, and everything I say is the absolute truth. I don't sugar coat **** because I like a guy off the bat or don't -- I tell it like it is. I want to like Amerson, I really do, but on tape the guy just doesn't do it for me. Not when it matters most and not when it comes to the simple things that make a CB great.

He played like piss this year and I stand by my evaluation that he is best suited in a zone scheme or in off-man coverage (so he can trail) where he can't make his read on the QB and then go after the ball. And at times he even struggled with basic knowledge of where he should be on the field in relation to the defender whether it is Cover 1 or Cover 0 coverage. That is not going to fly in the NFL.

He might have ran a good 40, but he has no recovery speed -- just go and watch the games I mentioned and you will see that. He will never succeed as a press-man corner because he doesn't have a short memory and the way he has played football is likely to never change. His traits are a recipe for disaster on the press. He is a risk-taker who might get you a pick six in a game, but he will blow his basic coverage assignments when trying to go for the big play that will result in points on the board for the other team.

He needs to go zone or he is gonna blow it and be out of the league quickly. I still think he would make a great FS because of his skill-set. He does not have the mentality to be a successful NFL corner and I don't know if he will ever get to the point where he plays the game fundamentally sound. Those are all huge concerns for me. Anyone who takes him in Round 1 better be making him a FS or they are playing with fire.

Once again, my opinion.

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