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With the first pick of the third round in the OM draft, the St. Louis Rams select:

Dallas Thomas, LG, Tennessee
6’5”, 306, 5.08 forty

Displays the potential to start as either a tackle or guard in the NFL. Plays with natural bend in the knees, and flexibility. Possesses excellent agility. Can sit down into his blocks and anchor. Can block down yet spring back outside to cut off outside blitzers, also gets to second level quickly and shows good speed and hustle downfield. Very good at pulling, and is always attempting to drive his assignment to the ground. Maintains balance while extending his arms to keep outside rushers out of the pocket, does not give up after initial contact. Good recovery speed to cut off spin and inside counter moves. Goes out to meet his man and packs a punch to stop their momentum. Comes off the ball very well from a three-point stance in the run game.
Foot quickness is a bit lacking. Must continue to get stronger in the lower body, will give up a bit of ground against powerful defenders -– especially when he fails to land his punch correctly. Must consistently get his hands up quickly, both in pass protection and when trying to negate second-level defenders. Lunges towards his man out of a three-point stance on occasion, overextending to allow him to pass by.
Rodger Saffold
Thomas has three years of starting experience in the SEC under his belt. He spent his Sophomore and Junior seasons at left tackle, before moving to guard in his senior season. Thomas plays with great flexibility. He also has the ability to anchor into his blocks. Thomas likely profiles better as an offensive guard, but is capable of playing left tackle in the NFL, despite less than ideal foot quickness. Thomas should be a top-50 selection.

Comment: Give Paul Boudreau (Oline coach of the Rams) Saffold and Thomas and let him figure out who's the best LT. Thomas brings versatility to the line and puts some pressure on Saffold to get better. Meanwhile, Dallas competes for the LG spot.

Pick made at 7:00AM Mountain Time
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