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Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
It is working for a living... and a relative short life since the average lifespan of a pro football player is somewhere around 55... Thats 2 years away for me. I already said they have a pretty good life by anyones definition...That's the guys that make it to their second contract and survive all the other traps in life that multiply due to them being quasi-celebrities. The money may seem huge but 50% goes to Uncle Sam and then you have all the other issues money creates. It's a lot of fun having the body of a 50 year old at 30 and it multiplies exponentially year to year so often you have a 50 year old man with the mind of a 2 year old and someone changing his diaper. Nice Life!
To be fair that is now a known risk football players choose to take, difficulty of lasting to a second contract and all.

I oversee haz response/removal. No one I work with makes seven figures and we put our lives on the line just as much as any NFL player ever does and then some. The average heavy equipment operator from the union I primarily work with has a life expectancy of around 60, and that is 90% non-haz guys.

You've got two choices to earn in this world, kick ass at school, choose the right career path, have the right contacts, and you can be a white collar six to seven figure type who doesn't have to bust ass.

Miss any of those perks and your only other choice to earn a living is going to be busting ass. By most standards busting ass on a football field is a HELL of a lot better than loading yellow cake uranium tailings into dump trucks wearing supplied air and rad badges.

Or working an offshore rig.

Or putting out fires.

Or arresting meth heads who beat up their own grandparents for a few bucks.

Or working high steel.

I could go on. Point is, making seven figures to play football, with all it's end of life complications, is still a FAR better deal than 90% of this country will ever get a shot at. He's not taking years off his life for our entertainment, he's taking years off his life to earn for him and his family. Just like millions of other men do across this country who don't earn seven figures and see similar levels of physical decay over a 30+ year career. The fact that it is a high profile entertainment medium is why he gets paid the big bucks, not why he does it in the first place. Guys were playing pro football with less than a quarter of the protective equipment and medical care, for tenths of the salary, for decades before now, again because it was the best way they could find to earn.

I say this as someone who thinks the armchair GM "he's been hurt a lot for the last 12 months, cut 'im" attitude is pretty ****ing dumb and that Kuper is a very good player and a key part of this team. But it's not like he's disarming IEDs in Afghanistan. He's playing a very physically demanding game for a very high salary in one of the last career fields that offer a (comparatively quite nice) pension, getting the best medical care money can buy. The cost:benefit analysis of playing pro football adds up much nicer than what the vast majority of working men and women get dealt in this country.
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