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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
From the article I linked above, further supporting the argument I've been making:
A cursory glance at Flacco's year this season and his past show this:

He threw 2 more TDs. Two less INTs. His TD% was up. His INT% was down. He threw more yards. He threw for a higher Y/A. His overall QB rating had gone up. Doesn't sound like regression unless you're a complete dumbass.

Flacco is a legit talent. Baltimore this year was more about offense than it was defense. It even ranked higher in terms of points (10th vs. 12th). People keep saying the latter was more important, but Flacco overcame two 30+ point games in the postseason. Yeah. That's some smashmouth ratbirds-D, am I right? Flacco carried Baltimore the past three offseasons. That's a lot more than Manning, perennial playoff choke-artist, has to say (considering, he played horribly the entire postseason when he finally got a ring, just being particular about it and all).

For the past three years Baltimore has been transitioning to being a more balanced team. It's why they won the Superbowl, because an aged, super slow Ray Lewis sure as hell isn't going to do it by himself. And Flacco has been a pretty integral part of that -- Baltimore could have made the Superbowl any one of the past three postseason; Denver just got the short end of the stick this past postseason, unfortunately.

He doesn't throw up huge numbers, but then again, why would he? Baltimore only recently dropped their horrendous offensive coordinator and they still operate a balanced team. Flacco isn't Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but he's pretty damn good. And the past three postseason -- not just this one -- he displayed some pretty serious chops. I think this thread is embarrassing. I wish we could drop some dollars on a QB who wins the games that matter most, too.
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