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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
Porn stars (male or female) are damaged. I'm not saying I do not appreciate their uhh..."films" but in reality you have to consider the type of person that actually stars in porn. Its awesome that she is comfortable with being turned into a meat puppet, but why even bother with it?

not all are damaged. some are swingers, others have a curiosity, some use it as a quick way to get cash to pay for school, others feel they may as well get paid to do what they love to do in the bed room and others still are simply comfortable with showing off for the camera.

it's all a matter of perception and comfort level.
one will see the most disgusting thing in the world and identify it as shameful and wrong. another will view it as their life and they will do with it as they wish to without regret.

there are some porn stars who have PHD's, owned or still own their own businesses and various other things. it's not all really screwed up people who can't function in a normal capacity.
so people just want to get paid to ****.
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