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Von Miller

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Elliott really screwed up a huge chance on the power play in the 2nd period. Off the faceoff the pucks squirts into the high slot, nobody in the shooting lane or, but Elliott who is on the near side takes the puck and skates instead of letting it go to the other guy who was ready to take a step and let a shot go.
Young guys are gonna make mistakes. It's the guys that have been around for years that make the same mistakes every night that grind my gears. If it were for good goaltending by JSG it'd be 5-0 Detroit. Power Play lookin like a cluster ****. Can't get the puck out of the zone. Turn it over. Can't make routine passes. 2 games in a row putting the other team on a 5 on 3. Mark Raycroft on the Altitude post game after losing to Columbus thought we were gonna beat these guys
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