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Originally Posted by Blart View Post
^^^ Care to link which studies and reports prove that "more guns = less crime"?

I'd also like to see an explanation on why Japan has only about 10 gun homicides per year.

For some reason I don't trust the corporate journalist John Stossel.

Gun control is ineffective when your next-door neighbor sells guns freely.

This is the gun store in Indiana, about 15 minutes from the south side where the majority of guns used in Chicago crimes are sold:

If you give people easy access to people-killing tools, guess what happens?
Honest question. Do you believe the government really cares about how many people are killed each year?

So when does confiscation start? Because that's the only kind of legislation that will affect people from being killed. What good is legislation that doesn't include every city, county and state in the US? You said so yourself that someone can just drive 15 minutes and buy what they want. Do you gun grabbers have the guts to attempt that kind of feel good legislation on a nationwide basis? Do you believe cops, federal agents and the military will go door to door and fire against it's own citizens?
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