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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Thats not how it works. It was the Democrats who started most of the blocking techniques Republicans are now using. Not to mention that a majority of Republicans won their elections and rightfully control the House.

We will see how gun control, immigration and the economy play out over next 2 yrs. Then we will see what happens. Dangerous play by Obama to be mr hardball when he could have went center. Instead he tacks right to pander to the super liberals upset with his first term.

Also the Democrats are getting to do some politics. Did they get their Supreme Court nominee in? Did they get to end the wars early and not leave troops in iraq? yes. Did they get a deal to have taxes for people earning over 400 grand a yr? yes they did get that. Did they get Obamacare rammed through repubs? Yes they got that also. So lets not act like Dems not getting things they want. This is like the first cut in spending in how long? Obama just acting like a spoiled child right now. It's embarassing for the country and history will not look kind upon it.
When you stake out a position so far to the right, going to the center ends up being a "compromise", but still ends up with a right-tinge to it. That is not compromise, it's throwing a tantrum because you didn't get your way, and expecting people to give in. Also, read some polls. News flash, the public thinks that the sequester is the GOP's fault, not Obama's.
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