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Chris Harris

I've never understood why any middle or poor income person would be a Republican, in these days that is. Trickle down economics? Forget for a second that it doesn't create jobs. Let's say for argument sake that it does create some jobs. You can look at any report and they will all be the same. The income level for 99% of workers in the US has pretty much been at a stand still. You can create a billion burger flipper jobs all you want, it's not going to make a bigger and stronger middle class. The Republican party leaders don't want to give an inch to the middle and the poor. Oh you want jobs, that's cool, we'll create some jobs for you. We'll slash your benefits and pay you like crap and we'll skim everything else so that we, the rich, are the one's who see big hikes in salary. I've got to hand it to them though, they've had a masterful plan. Make these people focus on war and God and they'll be thankful for any damn job we provide. Meanwhile, we'll suck them dry of all the wealth and we'll live like kings. Open your F'm eyes already.
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