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All very high 1st round picks And Wolfe was a second. Se the drop off? Sure we can luck out with a DE in the 1st and 2nd round. But our previous history with the position shows us that is more miss than hit. Or don't you ?
remember all those 1st and 2nd round picks we wasted on the position with Shanny? Ohhh that's right you probably weren't watching Bronco football by then. Until Miked picked up Doom in the 4th in 06, you could have said he had whiffed on most of the draft picks he had spent on DE's.
Impact is measured on more than stats. It's how such player facilitates for other players, and what he brings on each play, basing it soley on sack #'s is a very narrow minded view. History doesn't improve your football IQ.

Wolfe was a second round DT/DE. It's comparing apples to oranges. Yet you fail to see how shutting down the WRs is going to give the pass rush more time to get home. I think you and others fail to realize that. Holding on to Dooms past, to justify how important he is to the team. There will be more pass rushers to come through the NFL and have success than there will be shut down corners.

Name the true shutdown corners to play in the NFL..
Then name the good pass rushers to come through..
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