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all @ same time

Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
Perfect example of righty thinking pony.blame.that's all u guys got left.and u might wanna brush up on how the gubmint works.congress passes laws,not the far the repubs have the lowest approval rating they have ever had.
Exactly, they don't look at their beliefs. The "small government by any means necessary" ideology.

Just, "liberals did that too!" and "OBAMA!!!!"

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Anything Krugman says usually has a 30 day expiration date.,1532584.story
Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
yeah after 4-5 yrs of budgt cuts and a sales tax increase that hits everyone. You make it sound like CA did it by just hitting up rich people. Not the case at all. Also i live here and the unemployment still really bad. Browns plan to tax the rich is actually slowing driving them out of the state and in -6 yrs will show to have been a horrid plan.

Sorry, the democrat supermajority is doing just fine. Sure, they're acting like moderate republicans rather than leftists, but it's working.
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